The Rules


DJ Shift

"DJ Shift" - Image courtesy of Agency Records. ©2016 DJ Shift

Who can enter:
Participants of the Pain Killer Remix Contest must first be registered users of the contest and be 18 years of age or older or have written permission from their parents or legal guardians to enter in to the Remix Contest.
Participants may NOT enter the contest if they:
1)      Are an employee or representative of, or artist signed to The Organization or are a member of the immediate family of employees, representatives of or artists signed to The Organization.
2)      Have used (musical) content or parts of (musical) content that is subject to copyright of third parties, which rights have not been legally obtained by the participant for use on The Platform.
3)      Do not comply with The Contest Terms & Conditions
4)      Are exclusively signed to a third party record label.

How to win:
Variables that result in winning a Remix Contest may vary from, but are not limited to, amount of votes, amount of shares, amount of comments, and selection by a judge or team of judges whom will select a winner based on, but not limited to, originality, quality of production, use of samples, use of tracks and/or positive feedback.

What’s the prize?
If a prize consists of first class trip for the winner plus one other person to visit DJ SHIFT in Las Vegas and participate while he performs at one of the hottest nightclubs on the Las Vegas strip (to be announced).  Hotel and travel accommodations will be covered by Agency Music Group / Agency Records Corporation / DJ SHIFT.  In addition, the winner will have their remix released on the label Agency Music Group / Def Jam / Universal, the actual release will always be subject to the quality of the audio-track. The quality of the track will be measured and concluded by (individual employees of) The Organization. The Organization will have the perpetual right to refuse any release on any label owned by The Organization for reason such as but not limited to: quality of the track, lack of originality, unlawful use of third party content, cheating, not responding in a timely matter, conflicting legal obligations by any third party, or any behavior that works in a way that may disrupt the natural work flow and planning of the Remix Contest.
The Organization is not responsible or liable for any losses, taxes, damages, injury or health problems that may result from the participating in any of the contest or receiving a prize the Remix Contest.