How 2 Enter


DJ Shift

"DJ Shift" - Image courtesy of Agency Records. ©2016 DJ Shift

How to enter:
You must first register at Register to access the Remix Contest and be eligible for entry.  From there, you can download the vocal a capella and instrumental to start on your remix.  Deadline for submission is Friday, March 25th 2016 by 11:59 PM PST.  Winners will be announced in April 2016.
A participant needs to register and log in with a SoundCloud account.  After connecting with SoundCloud, Tracks can be selected, uploaded, and shared to the Official Pain Killer Remix Contest Group on SoundCloud.  Participants are authorized up to one track to share with the group.
Participating in this Remix Contest is free of charge (less costs for a connection to the internet).
1)      Register for the contest at
2)      Listen to and Download the instrumental and vocal acapella to begin your remix

3)      Register for SoundCloud (if you haven’t yet)
4)      Upload your remix track to your own soundcloud account:
a.       Track must be titled “SHIFT – Pain Killer (YOUR NAME remix)”
b.      Tracks must be no more than 5 minutes in length
c.       Make sure your track is public (not private)
d.      Spread the word about your remix to raise awareness
5)      Navigate to the official Pain Killer Remix Group on SoundCloud
6)      Share your track with the group.  That’s it!