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"Making” Modern Music"

Today's music is a far stretch from years ago. Back when 808's were only available on the Akai samplers, they now are a staple of todays modern music. When we make beats today, especially trap beats, we build tracks around how the 808 (or deep bass) will be in the track. Sometimes producers will start off a track with an 808 bass line and build the entire song around it.

At we offer some insight on how to make or buy beats for today's modern sound.

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Buying Beats Online

"Professional” Rap Beats for Sale"

So you want to buy a beat online. How do you know it's legit? How do you know whoever you buy it from is a professional or is not selling someone else's beats?

When you find a beat online, be sure to do some research on who produced it. Many sites today are just kids in a basement making beats on FLStudio Pro and don't have much experience making or selling music. Sites that you can trust are not easy to spot either. You have to do a little digging. Search around for other posts about them. See if there's any negative feedback about them on Twitter, instagram and FaceBook. When you find a reliable site like, you can rest assured that you're getting top notch production from people you can trust.

You can also find exclusive beats on a site called There are 1000's of tracks to buy online and they have a good reputation for making and selling exclusive instrumentals

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Recording Vocals

"Professional” Microphones"

Recording Volume

Not all microphones are created equal. Some are better than others and some sound good with some people and bad with others. So you have to match your mic to your own vocals. Quality vs Price When it comes to quality, there's a ton of choices and prices vary per budget. However, when you match yourself with the right mic, things start to get good. Your signature voice will shine with certain mics than they do with others.
I have 5 microphones that I use with my artists. Some can sound amazing on the cheaper mics and they can also sound awful with the more expensive ones. It all depends on the person's vocals.

Make sure you try as many mics as you can before purchasing one. Once you find the right mic, it may be the difference that it makes to have your vocals sound pro.

I use a "cheaper" tube mic called the Avantone cv12. It has interchangeable tubes to match your project, Warm, crisp or standard. This mic is really good for guitars and vocals.
Here's a few choices to try out. Look online for the best prices. AKG P220 - $149 Avantone CV-12 - $499 Rode K2 Multi - $699 Neumann U 87 - $3200
Once you get your vocals done right, you can make beats with hooks and sell your music.